/It Takes a Village: Building a Supportive Parenting Community
it takes a village to raise a kid

It Takes a Village: Building a Supportive Parenting Community

Why building a supportive parenting community is essential?

Emotional Support: Reducing Isolation & Stress Relief

Parenting is challenging – and why make it even worst without people who can understand you at a glance and relate to all you ongoing stress related to the kids… Let’s support each other, as isolation can be a huge reason of frustration.

Shared knowledge: Practical Advice & Resources

We can have a good conversation about the medieval history, but also sharing tips to raise our great kids… or simply survive 🙂

Having diverse perspectives is always enriching, when expressed with respect. And here, regarding parenting.. we have a lot to say, and I believe there is no single family who does things at the same way.

At the same time, we can share so many resources: health-related, activities to perform at home and outdoors, so many more…

Motivation & Encouragement

Which parent has ever doubted in their parenting skills? (Each and every??) Here we can discuss, reinforce ourselves positively, help the others families

Emergency Support

Whenever any crisis, using online community, sometimes may be the same efficient as the offline. Sometimes maybe even better, as in a really critical situation, it may be better to stay anonymous.

So? Did I convince you that having a supporting parenting village, online or offline, can be really beneficial for the kids’ and caregivers’ wellbeing.